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Two decades before the invention of the smart phone, at a time when most people thought a search engine was something that powered a rescue vehicle, we were dazzling concert goers around the world with spectacular stage sets and innovative theatrical lighting. Serving artists that ranged from Neil Diamond to the Rolling Stones, and supporting more than 1,000 performances a year, we designed, built and toured some of the greatest spectacles in rock-n-roll history. Broadway shows, Super Bowl Halftime shows, Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, even national political conventions are all a part of the history that guided us in perfecting the skills needed to provide themed environments that are beautiful, safe, durable, dependable, and maintainable. These skills are at the core of who we are and what we do.

Today, our Brilliant creations are found in your favorite theme parks, museums, restaurants, retail environments, casinos, hotels, high end residences, and family attractions. We produce creative environments using state-of-the-art methods and materials, backed by four decades of craftsmanship and know-how. We come alongside owners, architects, and designers with a spirit of “if you can dream it, we can build it.”

Our award-winning team looks forward to serving you.

Our People

Brilliant is made of master craftspeople, artists, technicians, engineers, managers, and financial and administrative experts. Our people are more than just dedicated employees; they are well-established, experienced individuals who have been together for years. This tight-knit group results in clear communication and efficient processes. Two things are inherent in our DNA: our depth of experience and our proven ability to produce even the most complicated projects. That same “been-there-done-that” history, combined with our extensive resources, position us to undertake the challenging work that scares many other companies. Brilliant is the perfect combination of old school, hand-made craftsmanship melded with the precision and efficiency of today’s technology. We are the right people doing the right job with the right resources. This is every day at Brilliant.

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