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[wvc_service_table title="Technical Design" services="Engineering 3D Modeling Technical Detailing Shop Drawings Prototyping & Testing Sampling Interactives Show Action Equipment Digital Modeling Tests Reviews & Design Refinement" css_animation="fadeInUp"]
[wvc_service_table title="Pre-Construction" services="Scheduling Budget Development & Management Project Documentation Building Information Modeling (BIM) Facility Integration Graphic Layout Pre-Production Art Direction Resource Planning Permitting" css_animation="fadeInUp" css_animation_delay="200"]
[wvc_service_table title="Fabrication" services="Themed Construction Architectural Millwork & Cabinetry Architectural & Ornamental Metalwork Museum Displays & Casework Custom Fixtures & Furniture Interactive Exhibits Scenic Arts Sculpting Finishing Signage & Graphics Integration & Assembly Cycle Test and FAT" css_animation="fadeInUp" css_animation_delay="400"]
[wvc_service_table title="Installation" services="Management & Supervision Installation Labor Site Acceptance Testing Commissioning Warranties Maintenance" css_animation="fadeInUp" css_animation_delay="600"]
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If you want to maintain your place as a leading venue, you know you have to keep current with technologies and guest expectations. We provide the technical resources to comprehensively develop project plans, scope and schedule, and provide our partners with full-service execution, implementation and maintenance. Our services ensure you don’t fade into the crowd, but stand out as a leader.

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